Primary One Allocation

The allocation of our K3 students to Primary 1 is really successful. The natural allocation to Rosaryhill School Primary 1 is much appreciated among our students since they are already accustomed to the culture and environment of the school. Through-train schools from Kindergarten to Secondary is not something new in Hong Kong but having all three schools in the same campus is the uniqueness of Rosaryhill School. Teachers here have good communication and interaction between schools, which benefit our K3 students greatly for their adaptation to Rosaryhill Primary school life. In addition, a great number of our Kindergarten students remains in the same school and even in the same class in P1, which allows them to develop their bonds of friendship for years to come. Despite of this fact, it does not stop us from supporting our students to apply to other renowned primary schools where they can also find good nurturing. The percentage of our students allocated to well-known local and international schools in Hong Kong is quite high, and that we have received good appraisals of their standards when they join those schools.