The school-based English curriculum integrates four essential language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Pupils learn English through active participation in different meaningful and interesting activities. Such activities not only help foster pupils' interest to learn and strengthen their language abilities, but also develop their generic skills and better enable them to use the language.

In order to develop students' competency in using English as a means of communication in daily life, the school has provided speaking lessons to help students acquire better understanding of the language in daily life context.

Students’ genuine interest in reading is promoted through establishing and reviewing school-based reading initiatives such as morning reading and Character Day.

To monitor the progress of students, we have adopted the use of diversified assessments such as cross-subjects projects, role-plays and creative poster designs for-learning practices.

Yearly activities in English Department

English Fun Day
Reading for Posties
  • Audrey

  • Emaly

  • Lam Chi Wai

“Super Speller” The 5th Hong Kong Inter-Primary School Spelling Competition
Our students participated in the 5th Hong Kong Inter-Primary School Spelling Competition 2019. 2 students from p3 have achieved 2nd runner-up in the competition.