Life Education

Education is linked to social and personal development. In Rosaryhill School, we constantly encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning, teach them how to work in a team and to think critically through different activities. Students need to learn both inside and outside school. With that in mind, students learn various positive values such as respect, fairness, courage and self-esteem through a variety of stories.

On the other hand, students are exposed to opportunities to learn outside the classroom. Some of our students have joined a program called “Character Master Program” organised by St. James’ Settlement. They are given the chance to step into the real working environment for two days as trainees. After the training, they work to help in realistic work conditions.

With this program, students have gained insights into what people do for a living. Not only has the program given the participating students an idea of how diverse the workforce is, but it has also enabled them to learn about the various backgrounds of employees. Most importantly, our students have developed skills pertaining to communication, organisation and teamwork.