Part A. Introduction

At Rosaryhill School, we strongly believe in nurturing each student’s individual talent and helping them realise their potential. We draw on our school’s unique background, drawing from the best of international (Western) and local music approaches, with students taught by a wide variety of experienced and well-qualified music teachers and instructors hailing from many different cultural backgrounds.

Part B. Curriculum Highlights

1. Orff music teaching methods
Instead of just traditional textbook-based music teaching methods, at Rosaryhill, we incorporate Orff music teaching methods into our lessons. Seeing the biggest differences in the younger years, but still relevant after they grow older, Orff is a music learning approach where concepts are learned through singing, chanting, dancing, movement and drama. Students engage with music instruments by capitalizing on their natural desire to play, whilst teaching lifelong skills such as improvisation, composition techniques as well as both individual and ensemble performance.

2. “One Musical Instrument for Each Student” scheme
The Music Department has launched the “One Musical Instrument for Each Student” scheme for the last few years with remarkable success. This is where each student may choose their own instrument to learn. This enhances students’ ability to perform and learn co-operatively in a wide variety of areas relevant to daily life. Academically, the learning process is beneficial to the children’s brain development as learning an instrument teaches patience and resilience. By producing well-rounded students and developing their multiple intelligences, we further their motivation by hosting a concert at the end of each year, in addition to other special school events and competitions.

Rosaryhill School's ''One Musical Instrument For Each Student Scheme''

Part C. School Music Teams

A School Ensemble and a School Choir also further nurture our young students’ talents, where they get many opportunities both inside and outside the classroom to engage in collaborative activities and other teamwork building exercises that help develop moral character. Their efforts are then rewarded not just with school performances, but also performances at other prominent venues around Hong Kong, as well as music competitions such as the annual JSMA music festival for those who welcome a challenge.

Part D. Music Immersion Programme in Austria

Rosaryhill is also proud to offer our annual Music Immersion Programme to the musical capital of Europe – Vienna, Austria. Through international exchange, students of the School Ensemble and School Choir will be able to be trained by top professional Viennese musicians. This rare opportunity is not to be missed and we have consistently received very positive feedback of the wonderful experiences the students have gained from both students and parents!

Rosaryhill School Strings and Choir Immersion Program in Vienna 2020

Par E. Music Activities

Rosaryhill School Music Activities (Opera Appreciation)