Principal's Message

Welcome to Rosaryhill School where we are under the protection of Our Lady of the Rosary. Treasuring our history, being open-minded for the future, I will dedicate myself totally to the all-rounded development of our students.

Our students are challenged to use their God-given talents to fulfill their potential as they learn and grow each day. Rosaryhill School is committed to providing quality education for students to become knowledgeable citizens of high integrity while embracing Christian moral values. With the great support of caring and dedicated teachers, parents, and alumni, students receive various opportunities to learn locally and abroad in diversity.

Striving for excellence in academic studies and other pursuits, students are taught to be self-motivated and creative in their learning. By emphasizing spiritual education, students are taught to shoulder the responsibility as God’s stewards and be determined to contribute to our society.

Under the current situation of the pandemic, it is true that we may not see each other on campus all the time, but I do trust our teachers’ effort to accompany you through online learning and communication. I hope we will treasure each opportunity, and work together to create a harmonious learning environment for our students.


Fr. Jordan Zhang