New Students Admission

New Students Admission 2024-2025

Important Notice 重要通告​

Starting from the 2024/2025 school year, Dalton School Hong Kong will become the school operator of Rosaryhill School subject to the approval of EDB.​

由2024/2025學年開始,玫瑰崗學校小學部將由香港道爾頓學校接辦, 以教育局批核為準。​


A. Overview of the Primary School

Dalton School Hong Kong will become the school operator of Rosaryhill School Primary section from the 2024/2025 school year*, offering local and international streams. For all P.1 classes in the local stream, students will have four Spanish language lessons each week. For parents who are interested in applying to the local stream, please note that the school remains the same in its operation and admissions process to ensure a smooth transition and to continue providing high quality education. The annual tuition fees* of the 2024/2025 school year will be HK$78,000 in 10 installments from September to June next year. For inquiries, please feel free to reach out to or call 2835 5121.

A. 小學概覽

香港道爾頓學校將於2024/2025接辦玫瑰崗學校小學部*,並將提供本地班及國際班雙軌課程。所有一年級本地班課程將會提供每週四節西班牙語課。家長預備為子女提交本地班入學申請,請注意學校將會維持其私立學校營辦模式,整體入學流程皆維持不變,以確保過渡期運作暢順及延續優質教育。 2024/2025學年全年學費*為港幣78,000元,由9月至下一年6月共分10期繳付。如有查詢,歡迎電郵primaryadmin@rosaryhill.org或致電2835 5121。


*The school registration and tuition fees are subject to the approval of EDB. 學校註冊及學費以教育局批核為準。


B. School fees 2024-2025

Item 項目


School Fee per month
(10 instalments per year)




C. Declaration of the School
(A) All information provided on the Application Form and all items submitted along with the Form are for the admission procedures only. Upon completion of the admission procedures, all forms and items submitted will be destroyed and will NOT be returned.
(B) Selection will be based on the applicant’s performance during the interview(s), additional information attached to the Application Form of the applicant will be for reference ONLY.
(C) False information will result in disqualification of the applicant.


D. Application Details
(A) The student should be 5 years and 8 months old by 1st September 2024 when the school year commences.
(B) The Application Form can be submitted in person.
(C) Application fee: $50
(D) Please present the following documents of your child:

  • Completed Application Form, Admission Form and Reply Slip (One recent photo of the applicant affixed on each form)
  • Original and duplicate copy of the birth certificate or proof of identity
    *Non-local students must submit original and copy of valid visa issued by Immigration Department
  • Original and duplicate copy of the recent report card of Kindergarten last attended

(E) Interview to be scheduled by the School.​
(F) Application result will be released after interview through e-mail.



  • 學生於2024年9月入學時必須達5歲8個月
  • 遞交申請表

報名時請出示有關 貴子弟之個人文件:
i. 已填妥之申請表格、准考證及取錄證 (請在適當位置貼上近照)
ii. 出生證明書或宣誓紙正本及副本乙張
iii. 幼稚園低班下學期發展報告表正本及副本乙張

  • 報名費$50
  • 由校方安排面試日期及時間​
  • 本校將於面試後以電郵公佈面試結果。


Application Form for P.1 2024-2025