Physical Education


Nowadays, we live in a society in which children are absorbed in new technologies and spend many hours doing homework, reasons why schools must promote healthy life styles more than ever.


In Rosaryhill School we take Physical Education as one of the most important subjects of our curriculum, so we engage our students to have an active life and create good habits to practise physical activity. Our target is to forget about competitiveness for a while and focus on fostering personal effort, team work spirit and perseverance. We believe that Physical Education offers a perfect environment for the students to face fears, try new things and build self confidence.


Through playing games and introducing multiple sports, we urge children to be helpful and kind to their classmates, to respect rules and to take an active role during PE lessons, fostering solving problems strategies and creativity.


We also think that the context in which Physical Education takes places is very rich and unique, and allows our students to achieve meaningful learning. That is why in Rosaryhill School we offer the possibility to learn Physical Education through Spanish. This innovative program will let the children learn a foreign language outside the classroom while they play games and have fun with their classmates and also with their teachers, who are Spanish native speakers.