About the Library

Rosaryhill Secondary School Library


  1. To foster a good reading culture in school by promoting and encouraging reading programs and activities throughout the year.
  2. To strengthen cooperation between the Library Team and KLAs/Departments, and to support school curriculum implementation with library information and resources.
  3. To provide improved facilities, resources and quality services to teachers and students.
  4. To develop and train an effective and responsible student Library Service Team to help in all kinds of library service and activities.


Library Staff:

Mr. Daniel Man (Teacher Librarian)
Ms. Christy Tsang (Library Assistant)


5th floor (Room 501 & 502; 232 sq. meters)
It is dedicated to serve students and teachers with all its resources in learning and teaching, including

  • Curriculum support
  • Reading promotion
  • Project learning & information pursuit

Open Hours:

  • Open before lessons on school days (7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

Library Service:

  • Borrowing service, printing, photocopying, scanning
  • Newspaper & magazine subscription service
  • Subscription of books and multimedia products
  • Delivery of reserved books


People we serve:

  • Teachers and students in Rosaryhill Secondary School
  • All graduated Rosarians

Library Service Team

  • Helping with library routines, service and reading promotion
  • 2-shift duty—recess and lunch
  • Outstanding Student Librarian Election (Honor list)


Library Facilities & Resources

  • Large stocks: over 20,000 volumes of books, references and magazines
  • Great variety of magazines from science, sports, geography to languages
  • IT Learning Room contains computers and colour-printing facilities for teachers and students.
  • We provide areas for reading, studying and group discussion
  • Exam Resources Room contains a rick stock of exam references including HKDSE, IGCSE/GCE, IELTS and TOFEL specifically for senior form students
  • Two color photocopiers/printers for teachers and students
  • We subscribe eBooks from HKedCity, i-Learner and eLibrary Plus which are easily accessible online by students and teachers



Library Stock Division:

  • Chinese Books
  • English Books
  • LAC Corner
  • Hong Kong Collection
  • Extensive Reading Scheme
  • Fiction
  • References
  • Exam Resources
  • Multimedia
  • Magazines



  • Book Exhibition
  • Chinese & English Book Report Writing Competition
  • Bookmark Design Competitions
  • Reading Prize Giving Ceremony
  • Outstanding Student Librarian Election