Incorporated Management Committee

  • Members of the IMC of Rosaryhill Secondary School (2022-23)

    Front Row (from left to right):

    Fr. Tran Van Huong (Sponsoring Body Manager)

    Fr. Lopez Legido Jose Angel (Sponsoring Body Manager)

    Fr. He Yousun (Chairperson)

    Fr. Shing Mang Tun (Sponsoring Body Manager) 

    Back Row (from left to right):

    Mr. Tsao Kin Yip Kenneth (Parent Manager) 

    Fr. Thang Mana (Sponsoring Body Manager)

    Br. Xiong Zhiyong (Sponsoring Body Manager)

    Mr. Or Choi Kuen (Sponsoring Body Manager)

    Ms. So Pui Ting (Principal)

    Ms. Yeung Su Jung (Independent Manager)

    Mr. Poon Kong Shun (Teacher Manager)

    Mr. Heng Keith Kai Neng (Alumni Manager)

    ( Mr. Lee Ho Chi is not in the photo)