Language Policy

Rosaryhill Secondary School is linguistically and culturally inclusive. We aim to provide an  authentic multilingual environment which not only gives our students an academic advantage in developing higher cognitive ability and communication skills, but also broadens their international horizons and prepares them for life in a globalised world.


We have a vision of "Multilingualism". We aim at maximizing students opportunities in learning English, Chinese, Putonghua and Spanish.


Medium of Instruction MOI

Our school adopts a diversified mode of MOI to address the different learning needs of our students. To enhance the language competency of our junior-level students, Mathematics and Science are taught in English. Whereas English is adopted as the medium of instruction in most of our subjects in senior levels. For Chinese Language, we have two curriculums and offer Chinese as a Second Language for non-Chinese speaking students (NCS).


S.1 – S.3 (2022-23):

English as the medium of instruction

English Language, Mathematics, Science

Chinese as the medium of instruction

Chinese Language, Chinese as a Second Language (for NCS students), Putonghua, Geography, History, Chinese History, Life and Society (S.3), Computer Literacy, Home Economics, Music, Visual Arts, Religious Studies, Life Education, Physical Education.

Use either Chinese or English as the medium of instruction by class or by group

Using English as the MOI for NCS students: Geography, History, Chinese History, Life and Society (S.3), Computer Literacy, Home Economics, Music, Visual Arts, Religious Studies, Life Education, Physical Education.


S.1-S.3 Spanish


S.4 to S.6 (2022-23):

English as the medium of instruction

(DSE Subjects) English Language, Mathematics Compulsory Part, Mathematics (Extended Part Module 1 & 2), Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, Geography, History, Business, Accounting & Financial Studies, Information & Communication Technology, Physical Education, Applied Learning (Vocational English) (Mode 2), Applied Learning Subjects.

Chinese as the medium of instruction

(DSE Subjects) Chinese Language, Chinese History, Ethics & Religious Studies, Health Management and Social Care, Visual Arts, Physical Education, Applied Learning Subjects, Applied Learning Chinese (for NCS students).
 (Non-DSE Subjects) Aesthetics Education, Religious and Moral Education, Physical Education, Chinese as a Second Language (for NCS students)

Use either Chinese or English as the medium of instruction by class or by group

Citizenship and Social Development (S.4-S.5)

Liberal Studies (S.6)


Spanish Language (S.4-S.5)


English Language
Our students’ English Language proficiency has been honed by our well-designed English Language curriculum as well as a variety of English learning activities such as English Drama Club, English is Fun Day, cross-subjects English learning and monthly English is Fun Quiz. Our school provides an English-rich environment in which students learn English in everyday life. In the recent years, the overall English Language subject results of our students in HKDSE (level 2 or above and level 4 or above) are far higher than that of the territory. 


Chinese Language
For Chinese Language, it is our commitment to raising the standards of Chinese proficiency of our students so as to sharpen our students’ competitive edge. Currently, we offer two curriculums to address the learning needs of our students. For non-Chinese speaking students, we offer them with an adapted Chinese as a Second Language program, which teaches Chinese Language in different levels according to their ability. To further support NCS students in learning Chinese, we also arrange intensive Chinese learning and teaching mode(s), e.g. pull-out learning if necessary, split-class/group learning, etc.; and organising cultural integration activities. 


What’s more, we maximize the opportunities for our students to develop their language skills through various programmes (Lunchtime Chinese tutorial class, Lunchtime speaking training and after-school Chinese class and activities) and activities e.g. Chinese Language Carnival. Our students also have the opportunity to learn through outdoor activities. They can learn more about Chinese culture through visits and their interest in learning Chinese is enhanced. Besides that, the school also trains students for the Hong Kong Schools Speech Festivals.








For Putonghua, we also offer two curriculums - one for Chinese-speaking students and one for Non-Chinese speaking students. We enhance our students’ interest and confidence in speaking Putonghua through various activities like Putonghua speaking activities and game booths as well as inter-school competitionsAll these give our students an edge.


With the unique Spanish culture of Rosaryhill Secondary School, Spanish is offered to all S.1 to S.3 students. Spanish classes are integrated into the school curriculum which aim to maximize students exposure to a multi-lingual environment, enabling them to learn various languages and broadening their international horizons. All Spanish classes are taught by native Spanish teachers. 


Besides, Spanish language is an elective subject in S.4-S.5 to prepare students for the public examinations. Spanish language is also recognised as a Category C subject in the HKDSE. We are confident that our students will perform with flying colours.