Opening Day Ceremony

Date: 13/09/2023

Opening Day Ceremony 2023

This year, since the super typhoon Saola hit Hong Kong on 1st September 2023, classes were suspended, therefore our new term started on 4th September 2023.  The Opening Day Ceremony was held in the school hall.  It was a simple but solemn ceremony, our spirits were high and we were ready to meet every challenge in the new school year.

It was our great honour to have invited our Supervisor Fr. Hyacinth He Yousun O.P. to be our Guest of Honour. Fr. He believed all students should embrace the new journey of their studies in Rosaryhill family after the summer holiday. He reminded students that God is always with them and they have to work hard, be proactive and pursue their dreams despite the obstacles they face.

He also stressed the importance of being responsible as it is a very important quality and a virtue a person must possess. To be a responsible student is to refrain from doing things that should not be done. The main responsibilities students should fulfill every day are to study hard, listen to the teachers carefully in classes, observe the school rules, and be responsible for their own words and deeds. Submitting homework on time is crucial to help students to monitor their progress. Besides, they should try to take initiative to care for their classmates, respect teachers and honor their parents.


After the inspiring speech, four scholarships were presented by the Rosaryhill School Old Students Association to the graduates of 2022-23 who had outstanding performance in Chinese Language and English Language public examinations.  The awardees were HUANG ZHUOJIE and LAI WING YAN, the best in Chinese Language (DSE 2023), CHEONG WEI TENG and FUJIWARA HUGH TATSU, the best in English Language (DSE 2023).