Rosaryhill Secondary School Notice 玫瑰崗中學告示

Date: 16/09/2023

Dear Parents and Students,

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of you for participating in the town hall meeting arranged by the School Sponsoring Body (SSB) on 16 September 2023. Your voices have been heard, including your concerns and support in the future of Rosaryhill Secondary School.

At this difficult time, parents please pay extra attention to the emotions of your child/ ward. If any help is needed, please contact the class teachers. The school will arrange emotion support sessions on Monday morning.

Our secondary school principal and teachers are working tirelessly to seek advice and assistance from different parties. With our unified effort, we can turn things around and continue to provide full secondary school education. We urge you to walk with us, hand in hand.

Yours sincerely,

Principal and all teachers

Rosaryhill Secondary School



請各家長在這段時間留意  貴子女的情緒,如有任何需要,可以和班主任聯繫。學校將在下星期一早上安排情緒輔導環節。