Principal's Message

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

Welcome back to the Rosarian Family. I would like to extend my warmest welcome to our new parents, teachers and students for joining us at Rosaryhill Secondary School, the second home of all Rosarians.

2020-2021 was an extraordinary school year.  COVID-19  has brought great changes to every one of us. However, our teachers and students have successfully transformed the challenges into opportunities. With the implementation of blended learning, our students have become more proactively involved in their work and shoulder greater responsibility for learning. We are indeed blessed and grateful as our studentsʼ improvements are remarkable.

In order to build a solid knowledge foundation, further broaden the horizons and instill positive values

among our students, we have produced our school-based “RHS Reading Skills & Moral and Civic Education Booklet”, which further enriches the learning experience of our versatile school activities. As home-school cooperation is the best assurance that students learn best, we would like to invite parents, guardians and students to go through the booklet and enjoy some quality reading time together.

Learning by experiences in an authentic context is the best way for us to learn and grow. At Rosaryhill, we have students from different countries around the world. The well-established multicultural learning environment allows our students to “Go Global” by looking beyond their immediate borders and learning to be culturally sensitive. As a result, our students have come to embrace and respect diversity. Project learning and annual experiential learning week are organised for students to apply their knowledge and skills. All kinds of  learning experience are precious for our studentsʼ future development and growth。

Parents and guardians are also kindly requested to read the Student Handbook 2021-2022.   Please refer to it throughout the school year,    as the handbook will familiarize you with the important information concerning our school policies and procedures. The school year of 2021-22  is the last year of our schoolʼs 3-year school development cycle. After thorough evaluation on the 2nd year implementation,  we have reviewed our strategies for continuous improvement. Let me once again highlight our schoolʼs major concerns:

1. To foster personal growth

2. To accomplish academic improvement

I wish you all a healthy and fruitful year ahead, in the blessing of God. 

So Pui Ting






歡迎回到 Rosarian (玫瑰崗人) 這個大家庭。我想藉此機會歡迎新的家長、老師和同學加入我們玫瑰崗中學 ~ 所有Rosarian的第二個家。

2020-2021  學年是一個不平凡的學年。2019冠狀病毒病雖然給我們帶來了巨大的影響,然而我們的師生已經成功將挑戰轉化為機遇。同學們通過混合式學習的模式,更積極地投入學習活動之中,我們對同學進步的表現深感欣慰。







校長 蘇佩婷 謹啟

Principal's Message (1 September 2021)