Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Students,


Welcome to the school year of 2023-2024. On behalf of all teachers, I extend our best wishes to you as the new school year begins. 


Home-school cooperation is the best assurance that student will unleash their potentials. It is with this intent we publish our handbook every year. Parents and students are kindly requested to read this handbook as well as refer to it as needed throughout the school year. The handbook will familiarize you with the important information concerning our school policies and procedures. We are also happy to share with you our children’s happy moments in school and to hear from you the needs of our children.


My beloved students, we believe that each one of you is unique and precious. You have to learn to accept both your strengths and weaknesses. With motivation and hard work, you will discover and unleash your talents. As you turn a new page of your school life in this academic year, chase your dream and accomplish your goals as well as to strive for self-improvement through self-reflection and make contribution to your family, the school and the society. Always remember the qualities of being a ROSARIAN which include:


Responsible: Fulfilling the duties as a member of the family, the school and the society

Optimistic: Facing challenges with hope and courage

Sincere: Being honest and trustworthy

Active: Being an active and diligent learner within and beyond the classroom

Respectful: Showing respect and courtesy to others

Innovative: Willing to embrace new methods and ideas to solve problems or to make improvements

Aspiring: Having a strong desire and determination to succeed

Nimble: Staying vigilant and processing information from different sources in a rational and responsible manner

In 2023/24, we enter the second year of implementation of our school’s 3-year development cycle. Having thorough evaluation done on the first year’s implementation by all teachers, we have reviewed our strategies for continuous development and enhancement. Let me take this chance to announce to you again our school’s major concerns:


  1. To foster a Happy and Healthy School Life
  2. To foster our students to be self-directed learners through promoting 21st century education


Achieving goals requires passion and action as well as perseverance and commitment. We put our faith in our Lord for a fruitful year at Rosaryhill Secondary School. I look forward to working with you to make this school year a prosperous one. 


I wish you all a healthy and fruitful year ahead, in the blessing of God.


So Pui Ting 






責任心 (R):履行作為家庭、學校和社會中的一員的職責

樂  觀 (O):抱存希望和勇氣去面對挑戰

真  誠 (S):誠實守信

積  極 (A):在課堂內外成為一個積極而勤奮的學習者

尊  重 (R):尊重和以禮待人

具創意 (I):願意接受新的方法和意見去解決問題或作出改善

有抱負 (A):抱著強烈的慾望和決心去達致成功

機  智 (N):時刻保持警惕,並以理性和負責任的態度處理來自不同來源的信息


1. 締造愉快健康的校園生活

2. 培養學生成為21世紀的「自主學習者」



校長  蘇佩婷