Dear friends,

With the continuous development of technology, the internet has become an indispensable tool for all of us: whether in our social interactions, business transactions and entertainment. The webpages in particular have become platforms for outreach, communication and interaction among us, especially with the current impact of the pandemic where we are subjected to many restrictions for the common good. 

In the school we cannot lag behind this technology as it has already become a norm, an indispensable part of our education during these times. This would enable our students, parents, teachers and staff of Rosaryhill family to have a better and more effective study and work, and a true platform for dialogue and exchange. 

It is also part of the educational interaction of "teaching and learning" in our school community, so that we will have more extensive and in-depth teaching and learning. For this reason the whole Rosaryhill School has jointly established a brand new webpage. 

With this new webpage, our school would be fired with a new found incentive to face the challenges which we face together, but most of all a positive outlook towards future growth and development. 

At the same time, the webpage shall be a true social space for communication and interaction for anyone who wants to know more and is interested in our School and its ideals. 

The teachers are cooperative partners in this initiative to establish various learning groups, promote education, share common resources, develop common knowledge, get closer distance with one another and enhance friendship and camaraderie. In the spirit of mutual respect and professional courtesy, may we truly make good use of this webpage platform.

Thank you very much.

Fr. Hyacinth He

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