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家長教師會 Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)

To celebrate the 45th anniversary of Rosaryhill School, teachers and parents of the three PTAs united together and formed a choir. They spent their precious time to do the practice and they sang the song together on 24 April 2004 at the 45th anniversary musical gala. It was an historical event, as the three PTAs had never worked together before. In the past few years, the three PTAs had jointly held PTA Fun Day. The first joint PTA Fun Day was held on 7 October 2006 to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. Then for celebrate the Chinese New Year, joint PTA Fun Days usually were held on January or February. In the PTA Fun Days, funds were raised for the Dominican Order to construct primary schools in rural Yunnan Province.

早在2004 年4 月24 日,由三學部家長教師會的家長和教師作出零的突破,組成合唱團在慶祝校慶45週年的紀念音樂會上,合唱了由麥振雄先生為校慶而創作的歌曲《Let them fly》。 在過去數年,三學部的家長教師會曾聯辦各式嘉年華會,取得相當的成功。首次聯辦的中秋嘉年華會在2006年10月7日舉行。接著幾年主要聯辦農曆新年前後舉行的新春嘉年華會。嘉年華會期間,與眾同樂之餘,亦會替「道明會」籌集善款,在雲南山區蓋建校舍。

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