School Campus

The campus of our school is “atypical” within the HK schools: one same entrance, one building, playgrounds surrounding the building, stairways that lead to all the different parts of the school, no physical partition among the different units of the school, with the exception of the 6th floor. The campus and the building of Rosaryhill contain:

  1. Rosaryhill Kindergarten:
    The classrooms occupy the south and east parts of 1/F, and the east part of 2/F.

  2. Rosaryhill School (Primary):
    The classrooms and special rooms occupy the south part of 2/F, 3/F and 4/F; Library is located on 1/F near Kindergarten.

  3. Rosaryhill Secondary School:
    The classrooms and the special rooms are located in the west and north sides of 1/F and 2/F, and in the west, north and east sides of 3/F and 4/F. 5/F is almost totally occupied by the Secondary School, and the central body of the structure of the school, Hall on G/F, 1/F and 2/F, Chapel on 3/F and 4/F and Library & Art rooms on 5/F.

  4. New Annex: the new building on the west-side is also almost totally allocated to the Secondary School; the 1st floor is occupied by the central administration offices.

  5. The playgrounds: on paper most of them are allocated to the secondary although they have been since the very beginning used as school buses parking, the west side; in front of the main entrance we have the “Fr. Gon Square” used by the whole school; on the east side the playgrounds are mainly used by the secondary, with a small part, near Fatima Shrine utilized as Kindergarten playground, and the south part mainly used by Primary.

  6. The “Rest Garden”, at the back or southern part of the school, is a general use place.

  7. The 6th floor is totally under the use of the Fathers and Brothers living in the school. On top of the 6/F there are some facilities also used by the Fathers and Brothers living in the 6/F.
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